Meet Me

Hi! I’m Fallon.

I’m married to Landry. He’s a pretty big weirdo, has dreamy dimples, and is my biggest supporter. He never fails to remind me that he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, and somehow knows exactly what wise, God-honoring piece of advice or encouragement I need. He also almost makes me pee my pants laughing. A lot. I don’t know how I got him. We like to constantly watch The Office together, play board games or anything else competitive where I can kick his butt, geek out over fandoms, play frisbee, and watch chick flicks. Namely ones with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

I have two boys with the most gorgeous blue eyes and long eyelashes. I’m fairly jealous of them. Everett is my first, born 13 months after Landry and I married. Archer is my second – 18 months younger than big bro. They’re best buds (for now). They bring me more joy than I ever thought possible and taught me that I was destined to be a momma.

I’m a SAHM. I’ve always been a mom at heart. I’ve had various fleeting aspirations, but I’ve always desired to be at home with my kiddos when the time came.

I believe the Lord is found in all good things. I believe in holistic healthy living.

I love stupid humor movies, discovering new places, reading, exercising, cooking, singing, dancing, and frugal living.

I am a weird combination of extra and introverted. I can’t quite put my finger on my personality type. There’s a thing called Ambivert that I will claim for now. I can come across as rude because I’m {secretly} painfully shy. I love to be refreshed by community but also love a good night alone with a hot bath and a good book.

We are a geeky family through and through. LOTR. Star Wars. Harry Potter.

Once upon a time, I loved all things chocolate and cream cheese. I could eat pizza all the time. I could drink coffee all day. Except lately my body tells me I shouldn’t. I have Hashimoto’s and RA and have been working through diet and lifestyle changes to reduce my symptoms. Ask me about AIP (the Autoimmune Protocol)! I have become a huge advocate for AIP as I have watched my symptoms go away and my quality of life drastically change. It can work for ANY autoimmune disease.

I have a deep desire for God’s people to be challenged. My heart longs for the churched to become the Church and start living how Jesus REALLY intended. I desire to see culturally-driven dreams destroyed and Jesus-fed passions come to life.  I see too many people that claim to know Jesus and their lives are horribly miserable and lacking. And you know what? That is NOT the gospel. The Lord desires for his people to be beautifully satisfied in his glory, and I want to see that happen.

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